Even in 2022, #employees live in the future >>>> #companies choose to live in the past.

#futureofwork has just become a trendy term to use in power points & resumes.

In 2021, #web3, #NFTs, #dapps etc.. have gone beyond the early adopters. They are mainstream and trending upwards with speed and momentum. Your next bday gift might just be NFT from your favorite football team.

Who are the consumers, the users…of these next generation phenomenon? If you are a decision maker, duh…they are your #employees.

Imagine if you can tap into their established behavior & provide them a #product that excites them. The simple truth, if you have to train your employees to use a product then you have failed them already.

#1 rule of thumb should be if any digital product requires a training then it won’t lead to a workforce transformation. It will just cost you millions both in time and money.

#digitaltransformation is not just a key word. It can be a source of daily workforce #motivation or a daily dose of #demotivation. A product can drain your workforce energy. It depletes it one stoke at a time on a daily basis.

Your #1 2022 goal, take any product that your employees use more than 15mins. Then survey your employees excitement of using these products. You owe it to them.

Start living in the future along with your heartbeat i.e. your workforce. Your #futureofwork journey should be just that with a caveat…buy a product for tomorrow.

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